Technology & Creativity to power TV Brands of the Future

Technology & Creativity to power TV Brands of the Future.

Since ultimately, it’s been brands that have financed Television from the first, I’ve long wondered why it’s taking them so long to realize they no longer need the middle man – the networks or channels – because they can take their message directly to the viewer. Mark Pesce set out the basic proposition in his 2005 article Piracy is Good? which sets out the basic Hyperdistribution philosophy: create the advertising content in conjunction with the program so it is sympathetic and integrated, then distribute it as widely and as far as you can, by whatever method works because the advertising message is integral to the program, and – presumably – targeting the same audience, avoiding the “irrelevant advertising” problem I have.

Now this survey examines what people – potential customers/audience – think about brands sponsoring entertainment:

With further innovation in TV so clearly in demand, we asked consumers if new providers could enter the market, appearing on our internet-connected screens, and if today’s brands would still be relevant, by 2020?

Many consumers agreed that there are “brands that could do a better job at providing TV than some of the TV providers and channels we have now”: 39% agreed, and only 8% disagreed. In the eyes of our viewers, there is clearly room for new entrants to be successful in this market – in particular, major internet, technology and film brands.

Interesting, very interesting.