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Two recent reports suggest that ‘piracy’ is not the problem some parts of the legacy industries seem to want us to believe. The Institute for Prospective Technological StudiesDigital Economy Working Paper 2013/04 studies Digital Music Consumption on the Internet:Evidence from Clickstream Data found that overall, piracy has a positive effect on music sales.

HBO programming president Michael Lombardo has just announced that not only is the huge piracy [of Game of Thrones] a compliment, but the phenomenon hasn’t hurt DVD sales at all. A couple of months earlier the show’s director, David Petrarca, said that unauthorized downloads actually do more good than harm. Petrarca explains that the show needs “cultural buzz” to thrive and survive, and this buzz is being generated in part by pirates.


At the recent Hollywood Post Alliance Retreat, the panel ‘Professional Forecast: Cloudy but Clearing’ strongly supported the idea of capturing metadata (log notes) at the time of acquisition. This is exactly our goal with Lumberjack. (more…)

We can use Avid’s accounts and their 10K filing to calculate revenue for their professional video editing software (i.e. Media Composer/Symphony and DS). In Avid’s 2011 10K filing they state:

Sales of professional video-editing products accounted for approximately 11%, 13% and 13% of our consolidated net revenues for 2011, 2010 and 2009, respectively.


There’s been a lot of speculation about Avid’s Financial Position – some of it by me for sure – that I decided to spend a little time examining the most recent accounts I could find to work out what the facts are.


Terry and I got together at NAB 2013 and recorded our impressions of the show in the Press room.

According to the Department of Labor Statistics – somewhat more impartial than the RIAA/MPAA block – Jobs in the Movie and music business just hit an all-time high, which is somewhat at odds with the (incredibly biased and largely fabricated) reports from the dinosaurs in the studios and networks.

We don’t buy your lies any more.



Post FCP 7, Which NLE do I teach?

Probably the most interesting conversation I had at NAB was Sunday night at the Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire KISS mini-golf event. The setting might have been unique but the problem was not: Now that Final Cut Pro 7 isn’t the default choice for colleges (and high schools) to teach, which NLE do I teach? As the conversation continued it became obvious that there were more factors at work than just taking a punt on which NLE will become the “next FCP 7”.


It’s the end of the month and, as do most small business folk, I look at how the month has been, and how the year is going. Looking at the end of the March quarter, I noticed that our Sync-N-Link sales had tipped from our Final Cut Pro 7 version to favor Sync-N-Link X (for Final Cut Pro X).


In this episode Terence and Philip discuss the legal action RED Digital Cinema has taken against Sony Corporation over a patent dispute.

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