A good day for Final Cut Pro X

FCP.co’s lead story today is good news for Apple and Final Cut Pro X – The BBC are adopting more than 1000 seats of Final Cut Pro X for news. To be fair, the BBC seems to be adopting both Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro across their own production units, and some remain on installs of Media Composer, but News seems to be going Final Cut Pro X exclusively.

My Apple PR contacts tell me that Final Cut Pro X is also being used on “several popular daytime shows” as well.

In other good news, not reported (yet) on FCP.co, the French TF1 group have also adopted Final Cut Pro X. According to this Tweet both Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X were tested, with Final Cut Pro X getting the gig.

Of course, come IBC I’m sure Adobe will share some of their new partners as well, and no doubt, increased Creative Cloud subscribers.

10 thoughts on “A good day for Final Cut Pro X”

  1. Much, much more modest in size (and ambition), RTS (french speaking state channel in Switzerland) has moved its entire post production from FCP 7 to FCPX a year ago.
    Not looking back despite a few speed bumps along the way.

        1. Given there is a direct replacement, with a path forward I do not consider Aperture to be “abandoned” but rather evolved into something i expect to be better. As FCP X was better than FCP Classic.

          1. And you miss the point that there will Always be a Photo app, there will always be a video editing app and there will always be a pro audio editing app.

  2. Sorry…I got the name of the replacement…..I mean…..evolution…..of FCP wrong….it’s called “Replay”

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