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Category: Neural Networks

  • The Challenge of Good Data Sets for AI Training

    Discussion of the training data needed for Machine Learning from TechCrunch.

  • AI and Production: Overview

    Over the last couple of years I’ve become more and more interested in the ways that the research being done into Artificial Intelligence (AI) might be applied to production and post production. In this article I’ll be giving an overview of what AI is at this stage of development, and what technologies are being used.…

  • The Danger of AI Modeling

    One of the powerful way Artificial Intelligence ‘learns’ is by using neural networks. Neural Networks are trained with a large number of examples where the result is known. The Neural Network adjusts until it gives the same result as the human ‘teacher’. However, there’s a trap. If that source material contains biases – such as…

  • Show and Tell: Neural Networks in Practice

    Google have open sourced it’s Show and Tell model for automatically captioning images. This is an excellent example of how neural networks work: train the model with examples – in this case human captioned images – and then let it loose on new images. From the Venture Beat article: Google trains Show and Tell by…