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A new Terence and Philip Show, where Terrence and Philip talk about the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Recorded after the announcement of the new Mac Pro this episode covers that, 3D and 4K.

Correction: A couple of people have bought to our attention that the SSD in the MacBook Pro Retina and the MacBook Airs are in fact socketed and user replaceable.

Most of the episodes of The Terence and Philip Show are edited by interns at Alpha Dogs, and we’re very thankful for their efforts. From time to time I edit a show and have always, until now, edited them in Soundtrack Pro. But I love the Magnetic Timeline in FCP X and thought it would be perfect for the audio editing. So this time I tried it, and was surprised at the results.




Simple Typography for non-Professionals.

Seth Godin has a great simple primer on font choices a.k.a. Typography. Our font choices influence perception. Obvious but something we need to be reminded of.

I recently posted that 90% of what is written about Apple is Crap! but it seems it’s worse than that. Two recent articles make the point about just how bad reporting about Apple really is.


Over time I’ve certainly thought a la carte cable channel selection would be a step up. We dropped from a 100 channel, to a 50 channel package, but in reality we needed something like a 12 channel package, including the broadcast networks. A recent story at Variety, explained why we’re not going to get it, and why that’s probably what we want.


An interesting article at the Hollywood Reporter argues that the Television industry needs a Steve Jobs – like visionary and needs it soon. While Television has been adapting (slowly) to the changes in viewer behavior it’s not particularly “customer friendly”.


Terry interviews Philip about Lumberjack, previewed at the HPA Retreat Demo Room in late February.

The product page includes a workflow diagram.



What else can Lumberjack do?

I haven’t previewed the string-out functions of Lumberjack before, but here’s one from a test today, ahead of the HPA Retreat this week where we’ll be showing it with live demos

Lumberjack stringout


Terence Current and Philip Hodgetts (that’s me) discuss the implications of Avid’s recent change of CEO. And we manage to do it in 15 minutes.

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