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Make No Mistake: Google Is Taking On The TV Industry The traditional TV industry should consider itself warned.

The biggest barrier to Google and Apple’s desire to create a new television distribution network has been the intransigence of the content owners to disrupt their own business model while it’s still profitable. So the obvious answer is for them to invest in content directly. (more…)

By now you’ve likely seen the iPhone 4S vs Canon 5D Mk II side by side comparison that Robino Films put up on Vimeo. They are reproduced at Boing Boing and my friend Steve Oakley’s blog. On the face of it the iPhone 4S camera stands up to the 5D MkII very well. Improved resolution to 1080 and real time rolling shutter and stabilization makes this a very much improved video camera over the camera in the iPhone 4. (more…)



5 Ways Mobile is Changing TV watching.

Second Screen Visionaries: 5 Ways Mobile Is Changing TV-Watching

Last July, about a year and a half later, Rapid TV News reported on a white paper by British technology research company Mobile Interactive Group, which updated that number for the US and UK. It had “40% of mobile users saying that they are most likely to be multi-tasking using their phone while watching the TV.” (Some estimate that number nearly doubles when you look at the 18-24 demographic.) (more…)

Event Manager X updated to 1.1 – Filter your events and/or Projects for Final Cut Pro X

Update through the application.

From Final Cut Pro X to Final Cut Pro 7 XML, then to Color, Soundtrack Pro, OMF, Premiere Pro (After Effects) >br>

Export Final Cut Pro X Project XML to a Final Cut Pro 7 Sequence XML.  Because the two apps are so different, a perfect translation is not possible. (more…)

Traditional TV is in for a heck of a ride Meta trends in media.

This is a long article but well worth the read as Habib Kairouz runs through a comparison between the ills that afflict the print industry with those that are affecting television as we’ve known it. (more…)

The Future Of TV Is Coming, Slowly But Surely

Dan Frommer at Business Insider takes a look at the various aspects of the evolving future of Television. (more…)

Removal of Restrictions Can Decrease Music Piracy, Study Suggests Finally some facts in the discussion

Studies from the MPAA or RIAA tend to be laughably unscientific, to the point of even drawing the opposite conclusions than the data supports. Rarely are the methodologies exposed (an essential step for scientific analysis) nor the raw data ever shared. For scientific rigour, a study needs to be published so that anyone else in the world could reproduce the study and get the same results. (more…)

The New iPhone’s Face Recognition Capabilities Could Redefine Privacy

Following on the heels of yesterday’s post about facial recognition in the cloud here’s information on how Apple are applying the technology they gained when they acquired Polar Rose last September, at least within iOS frameworks.

When coders dug through Apple’s beta versions of iOS5 they found what were deemed to be “highly sophisticated” API systems that let an iPhone automatically track eye positions and mouth positions (so the angle to the user, and possibly where their attention is being directed could be calculated) as well as passing key data on to a face recognition algorithm that would be accessible to all apps…not just Apple’s own.

Combine this with the Nuance-licensed voice recognition technology in Siri – also new with iOS 5 and iPhone 4S – and we have the foundation of a very powerful metadata generation system that would automate naming people in clips and form the basis of speech transcription and then keyword extraction.

In my dreams these are technologies that will come to Final Cut Pro X 10.2 or 10.3 in future years.


Warner Bros puts your face in Facebook Web series

Back in the mid 1990’s my email sig line read (for a while) “Dynamic Media Evangelist’ because I was a serious advocate of interactive media of the lean forward, get involved kind. Well, disappointment after disappointment followed and I realized that, for most people, the act of “watching video” was a lean back, turn off act, not an active one. (more…)

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