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As part of our ongoing beta testing of Lumberjack we recently did a shoot at Furnishing Hope for After Action reports on the Military Entertainment Channel. I get to edit this one, so it was really nice to start with my multicam clips fully logged.


At the recent Hollywood Post Alliance Retreat, the panel ‘Professional Forecast: Cloudy but Clearing’ strongly supported the idea of capturing metadata (log notes) at the time of acquisition. This is exactly our goal with Lumberjack. (more…)

It’s the end of the month and, as do most small business folk, I look at how the month has been, and how the year is going. Looking at the end of the March quarter, I noticed that our Sync-N-Link sales had tipped from our Final Cut Pro 7 version to favor Sync-N-Link X (for Final Cut Pro X).




Preview Lumberjack at the HPA Retreat Demo Room

If you want to be among the first to see a Lumberjack preview demonstration, but don’t want to sign up for the whole retreat? Good news, there’s a one day, demo room only package. This is your chance to influence the future direction of Lumberjack.


After Terry Curren’s round up of last year’s Hollywood Post Alliance Retreat I decided I should attend this year. While I was working on marketing for Lumberjack – our real time location logging tool – I got an email from the HPA offering spaces in the demo room during the retreat. It was immediately obvious that this was the time and place to reveal what we’ve been working for the last 8-9 months.


I have a strong interest – personally and professionally – to want to automate the boring parts of post-production away from humans to computers, extending to some of the basic string-outs. This seems to infringe on the “human” role in postproduction, at least according to some of my associates. Well, lately I’ve come across a whole range of stories on how traditionally human roles, like doctors (and assistant editors), can or will be automated out of existence. That’s led me to think about what is the essential role of the human that can’t be automated? It’s not a simple question. (more…)

You know how the end of the year comes up and you wonder where the year went? Well, Greg (my partner who writes our software) calculated where his year went:

Event Manager X,  released July 2011 (7 updates over 6 months in 2011; 9 updates in 2012)

 Xto7 for Final Cut Pro  a.k.a Project Xto7, released October 2011 (8 updates in 2 months during 2011; 17 updates in 2012)

7toX for Final Cut Pro, released  January 30, 2012 (16 updates over 11 months)

Sync-N-Link X, released April 2012 (5 updates over 8 months)

Sequence Clip Reporter , 7 updates in 2012

With updates to our other Final Cut Pro 7 software, it’s a total of  63 releases or updates to apps in a year, or more than one a week.

From its simple beginning as the first third-party Final Cut Pro X application, Event Manager X has evolved into a complete Event and Project Library management tool. The 1.2 release adds Sets: saved combinations of Events and Projects for instant reload based around projects or clients. (more…)



7toX for Final Cut Pro 1.0.16

The latest release of 7toX for Final Cut Pro available today in the Mac App Store includes:

  • Bug fixes for Premiere Pro XML
  • Bug fix for detecting unparsable .xml files
  • Bug fix allowing translation to continue with missing media files



7toX for Final Cut Pro 1.0.15

The latest release of 7toX for Final Cut Pro available today in the Mac App Store includes:

  • Bug fixes for Premiere Pro XML (three separate problems this time)
  • Bug fix for audio linked to a phantom clip
  • Bug fix for audio levels
  • Bug fix for mono audio XML

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