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Recorded after the announcement of the new Mac Pro this episode covers that, 3D and 4K.

Correction: A couple of people have bought to our attention that the SSD in the MacBook Pro Retina and the MacBook Airs are in fact socketed and user replaceable.



Simple Typography for non-Professionals.

Seth Godin has a great simple primer on font choices a.k.a. Typography. Our font choices influence perception. Obvious but something we need to be reminded of.

Video Metadata Practices to Boost SEO

Video metadata has been read by search engines for some time but now there are more options: (more…)

Vimeo creates new tools to support and pay video makers.

For those who want to go down the direct payment for their work route, Vimeo are adding services to professional accounts to bring those features. (more…)

Program learns to recognize rough sketches of objects  (more…)

Expect Labs’ MindMeld iPad App Understands Your Conversations In Real Time

First off, I need this! (more…)

Video Stories: Marketing’s Next Big Thing

Neil Perry points to a trend for brands to produce human-scale stories as part of their marketing, and how successful this is becoming. Not surprising, really, as humans love stories. In fact, the lack of decent stories is what ails “Hollywood” today. (more…)

Disappointing 3DTV sales makes 4K the Next Big Thing

The problem is that these “big things” are not driven by consumer demand, but by the tool makers who need to keep selling more production gear, and – perhaps more importantly – more consumer equipment to get the hardware turnover faster. Given that the average TV sits in the corner for 10 years or so, something has to be “created” to induce consumers to want to buy the next “big thing”. (more…)

MPAA Sends Five Key Propaganda Points To Politicians So now you know what the politicians will say as “their opinion” (more…)

Hey Hollywood, forget SOPA, ACTA, TPP, and look to Netflix for a glimse of your future.

Instead of pushing for ever-more draconian laws in the US and beyond, instead, how about the studio look to what is working: Netflix. (more…)

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