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Expect Labs’ MindMeld iPad App Understands Your Conversations In Real Time

First off, I need this! (more…)

Video Stories: Marketing’s Next Big Thing

Neil Perry points to a trend for brands to produce human-scale stories as part of their marketing, and how successful this is becoming. Not surprising, really, as humans love stories. In fact, the lack of decent stories is what ails “Hollywood” today. (more…)

Disappointing 3DTV sales makes 4K the Next Big Thing

The problem is that these “big things” are not driven by consumer demand, but by the tool makers who need to keep selling more production gear, and – perhaps more importantly – more consumer equipment to get the hardware turnover faster. Given that the average TV sits in the corner for 10 years or so, something has to be “created” to induce consumers to want to buy the next “big thing”. (more…)

MPAA Sends Five Key Propaganda Points To Politicians So now you know what the politicians will say as “their opinion” (more…)

Hey Hollywood, forget SOPA, ACTA, TPP, and look to Netflix for a glimse of your future.

Instead of pushing for ever-more draconian laws in the US and beyond, instead, how about the studio look to what is working: Netflix. (more…)

Arrested Development on Netflix – how does it change the business model for TV production?

A good look at the business behind Netflix’s original productions: (more…)

FBI launches $1 billion face recognition project

The technology behind facial recognition is growing better all the time. Various companies, including Apple, are building up portfolios of relevant technology to implement into their application. Now the FBI have their own “application” (catching bad guys) but: (more…)

Adobe Anywhere collaborative editing in a familiar environment. (more…)

Making Movies 20 Years Ago vs. Today: A World Of Difference

Of course the technology has changed seriously in favor of documentary filmmakers but, more importantly, the business climate has changed. Mike Masnick compares two podcasts: one with Kevin Smith revealing a bunch of voicemails: (more…)

JavaScript video technology only 17 years in the making Not sure why this is relevant, but you might have an idea!

Yes, the lack of need for a browser plug-in is good, but that’s the role of HTML5 which has largely standardized on H.264/MP4 (thank goodness). It will be hard to win against the momentum behind HTML5 and frankly I’d prefer there not to be another alternative, now that we have finally got something like a standard.

Personally, I think this is an interesting technology looking for a reason to exist. I find the claims of “90% less bandwidth” to be suspect at best, and the company provides no details on their site (that I could find).


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