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One of the great problems with the traditional Studio System is the problem they have turning a profit on highly profitable movies. Of course, it’s just an accounting trick to line the pockets of the studios, at the expense of the talent who created the film.

Well, the partly-crowdsourced, Iron Sky, is now returning money to its crowdsourced funders out of the revenue of $10 million that the movie has already made. (more…)



Bittorrent drives book sales

We usually think of Bittorrent in terms of film, music or television “piracy”, but there are increasing legitimate uses (see The Promo Bay for example).

I’ve also noted that the secret to success is to build a connection with fans and give them something to buy. Here’s an example where the author provided a lot of high value add-ons for his book, and linked to the book’s Amazon page, and sales go nuts. (more…)

The article at Techdirt is titled Hollywood Accounting: How A $19 Million Movie Makes $150 Million… And Still Isn’t Profitable but the discussion ranges beyond that. (more…)



Yet Again, File Sharing Correlated To Biggest Buyers

While some in the legacy industries try and argue that “file sharers” are just thieves who do not want to pay for anything, facts (as in peer reviewed studies) stand in their way because study after study has show that File sharers correlate to the biggest buyers(more…)

Traditionally movies got greenlit on the “gut feeling” of some executive. After failures like John Carter from Mars perhaps it’s time to consider some modern, data-intensive methods instead. (I love big data and what it can tell us.) (more…)

Monetizing BitTorrent helps Australian newspaper keep down video costs

“Sydney Morning Herald publisher Fairfax was spooked by the escalating cost of licensing video for its new TV site. So now it’s adding cheaper content by legalising BitTorrent videos on producers’ behalf.” (more…)

An article at Yahoo News – Crowdsourcing goes to Hollywood as Amazon makes movies - reveals that Amazon are taking a different approach to greenlighting movies and TV shows than the traditional studios.

Amazon are taking a more data-driven approach to developing and proceeding with projects, relying heavily on testing: (more…)

While waiting for the delivery of an iPhone I’ve had the “joy” of experiencing both UPS customer service and Apple customer service over the same issue. First the facts:

  • Apple tells me my iPhone has shipped and to expect delivery on Oct 2.
  • UPS attempts first delivery Sep 28, second Oct 1 and third Oct 2.
  • UPS requires an additional $6 for the fourth delivery. (more…)

Television as we know it is not going away any time soon, but it is going to be disrupted at some time: all industries are.

But even the largest industries enter periods of transformation — think of once-dominant railroads, wired phone lines, the postal service. The fact of the matter is that periodically, technologies or business model innovations allow start-ups to enter industries offering services that are generally cheaper and more accessible, but of far lower quality. Initially, these innovations are adopted only by the least demanding industry consumers or those who couldn’t afford to participate in existing markets (like the college students who use Reddit to find entertaining Youtube videos instead of paying for HBO). However, over time, these start-ups tend to invest in performance improvements in such a way that allows them to displace industry incumbents (the professionals who are cutting the proverbial cord in favor of Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video). This is the essence of what we call “disruptive innovation.” It’s transformed a number of industries and is starting to do the same in the world of television.

Read how Maxwell Wessell cut the cord and transformed his Television viewing.

Video Metadata Practices to Boost SEO

Video metadata has been read by search engines for some time but now there are more options: (more…)

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