My 2012 retrospective

2012 has been one of the most interesting years I’ve had in a long time. The year started with the release of 7toX for Final Cut Pro followed by Sync-N-Link X to mark our fourth piece of Final Cut Pro X software. Then came the intense planning for the Solar Odyssey journey and production, followed by the disappointing reality that it descended into. Fortunately a lot of good has come out of the experience. It’s also been a year where the maturing of Final Cut Pro X has won over more people, and the consensus is favoring big sensors. Terry Curren and I took a look back on the trends of 2012 and Larry Jordan also did a good take on the trends on his blog. This is much more my subjective take on my year.

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“The role of Video has Changed!”

I recall seeing the first of the training films from John Cleese’s then company, Video Arts and realizing that they were a cut above what I’d come to understand as “training” videos. High production values, great writing and amazing talent. John Cleese and the founding partners sold out decades ago, but current CEO Martin Addison spoke with  about how the role of video has changed since Video Arts launched thirty years ago.

Addison says, “The role of video has changed. When we began it was very much a specialist market and the cost of entry of having a film camera was very high.  That’s changed completely now.  All of us have the potential to be filmmakers with a camera that we have in our pocket on our smartphone.”

Or, in other words, democratization has occurred and video is just another literacy.

Event Manager X 1.2: Now with Sets and Horizontal configuration option

From its simple beginning as the first third-party Final Cut Pro X application, Event Manager X has evolved into a complete Event and Project Library management tool. The 1.2 release adds Sets: saved combinations of Events and Projects for instant reload based around projects or clients. Continue reading Event Manager X 1.2: Now with Sets and Horizontal configuration option

One advantage of crowdsourced projects: they return investment!

One of the great problems with the traditional Studio System is the problem they have turning a profit on highly profitable movies. Of course, it’s just an accounting trick to line the pockets of the studios, at the expense of the talent who created the film.

Well, the partly-crowdsourced, Iron Sky, is now returning money to its crowdsourced funders out of the revenue of $10 million that the movie has already made. Continue reading One advantage of crowdsourced projects: they return investment!

Bittorrent drives book sales

We usually think of Bittorrent in terms of film, music or television “piracy”, but there are increasing legitimate uses (see The Promo Bay for example).

I’ve also noted that the secret to success is to build a connection with fans and give them something to buy. Here’s an example where the author provided a lot of high value add-ons for his book, and linked to the book’s Amazon page, and sales go nuts. Continue reading Bittorrent drives book sales