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Given how few people are full time professional video editors, and how many seats of NLEs have been sold, there are clearly a lot of people “in between”: people who edit professionally, but not all day, every day. Here are a couple of examples from my recent reading.


Yesterday my friend Michael Kammes tweeted:

The *real* reason cameras need higher resolution at a lower price point is so “Caught on Camera” type shows have tolerable video.

However it made me think that the real reason we have so many high resolution cameras as cameras, or as cell phones, is that there will never again be a visual gap in a documentary!


As part of our ongoing beta testing of Lumberjack we recently did a shoot at Furnishing Hope for After Action reports on the Military Entertainment Channel. I get to edit this one, so it was really nice to start with my multicam clips fully logged.




Banish bad video: think like an audience

Over at Video Insider  challenges people to not make these two fatal mistakes in brand-focues video: Are You STILL Making These Fatal Video Content Mistakes? (more…)

Episode 56: Does the TV Industry need a visionary?

Terence and Philip consider whether or not the Television Industry needs a visionary like Apple’s Steve Jobs to innovate into the future. The Television industry will undergo upheaval anyway, with or without a visionary, but in what direction?

So far the evidence from Tor Books and O’Reilly (publisher of David Pogue’s Missing Manual series) has shown no decrease in sales when their e-Books went DRM free. Conventional wisdom was simply wrong.




A Fact-based approach to the Copyright Debate?

I’ve often posted links to rebuttals of the various MPAA/RIAA/Copyright maximalist organizations because of their loose connection to the facts. It’s very good to see that the various groups are coming together to attempt to find common ground in the copyright debate. Check out the questions in Techdirt’s summary.

Announced in this morning’s Keynote (or perhaps Techcrunch jumped the gun) Adobe will no longer be selling Creative Suite – software you can buy – and going subscription only with Creative Cloud.




Simple Typography for non-Professionals.

Seth Godin has a great simple primer on font choices a.k.a. Typography. Our font choices influence perception. Obvious but something we need to be reminded of.

Shelley Palmer notes that Netflix’s chief content officer has a novel way to battle piracy.


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