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I was watching the highly recommended Editor’s Lounge series of videos from the Why we make the Edit night and naturally the discussion turned to the increasing pressure to get work done faster. Derek McCants noted that where once he would have three weeks to cut an allocated segment, the expectation was it would now be done in one week. (more…)

Filmmaker: BitTorrent Pirates Help Us Get More Exposure

To date I have never found a peer reviewed study (i.e. one that has some validity) that shows any harm from unauthorized distribution via bittorrent or other means. There are, however, many studies and examples that show a positive benefit from the publicity and promotion that happens when a project gets released onto a torrent tracker. (more…)

Technology & Creativity to power TV Brands of the Future.

Since ultimately, it’s been brands that have financed Television from the first, I’ve long wondered why it’s taking them so long to realize they no longer need the middle man – the networks or channels – because they can take their message directly to the viewer. Mark Pesce set out the basic proposition in his 2005 article Piracy is Good? which sets out the basic Hyperdistribution philosophy: create the advertising content in conjunction with the program so it is sympathetic and integrated, then distribute it as widely and as far as you can, by whatever method works because the advertising message is integral to the program, and – presumably – targeting the same audience, avoiding the “irrelevant advertising” problem I have. (more…)

Connecting With Fans Means More Than Talking About Your Latest Work

I’ve long agreed with Techdirt that connecting with fans and giving them a reason to buy something (at a reasonable price) is the model for indie financing of project.

For years, we’ve talked about this concept of Connect with Fans + Reason to Buy (CwF + RtB), and too frequently have assumed that the really difficult part is the RtB side of the equation. But it’s really amazing just how many artists have trouble with CwF as well. And this is a great explanation of why. We often hear from artists who say, “well, I have a Twitter and a Facebook feed, but it doesn’t work.” And then you go and look at the feed, and all it is is them announcing, “I just released this work,” or “I’m performing at such-and-such on December 10th,” or whatever. It’s not just that there’s little interaction, but that there’s little that’s interesting.

It wasn’t until I found a way to use Twitter to share news items I found interesting (which, btw, get reproduced back here, where I write more) that I even got on Twitter.

Project Xto7 has been accepted into the App Store as Xto7 for Final Cut Pro (a clearer name). Our first App Store App of many I expect.

The subscript 2 was just too much for the app store – no provision to include it in the name, so we did a rethink. Smooth sailing into the store – approved in less than a week.

And there it is. Doesn’t show by search yet, but here’s the direct link:

Mac App Store – Xto7 for Final Cut Pro:

What is the future of the post house? Episode 39 of The Ternece and Philip Show.

Starting with an article “Hollywood & the Job Crisis” that leads to be a discussion about constantly changing business model. Right now the model seems to be “how low can you go” which is ultimately self defeating. Where do you go from here? Talent and desire are what will sell. How did post houses get to this, and what will the future hold? What is your Unique Selling Proposition?




Hollywood studios busted as torrent-loving dens of piracy

Now to be fair, what is being demonstrated is that employees within the studios (and it turns out the some anti-piracy organizations) are indeed downloading unauthorized, copyright material via bittorrent. (more…)

Artificial Intelligence Predicts What Will Happen Next In A Video

Many thanks to my friend Don Berube for pointing this out.  While the headline slightly overstates the case, it’s clear we’re heading for an era when computers in general will understand meaning and the content of images.  (more…)

Congressional Research Service Shows Hollywood Is Thriving

An interesting research result from a source that isn’t fully bought and paid for by the Studios, that is, a report that may have some chance of relating to the real world rather than the fantasy land that MPAA/RIAA “research” reports come from. (more…)

1 in 3 Viewers Despises Television And Wants To See It Die

It’s a small sample but an interesting result: (more…)

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