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[Update] MacUpdate have moved a little and made changes and updates that at least remove most of the perceived damage being caused. We have cordially agreed to disagree about their business model, which – because they have no mechanism to remove an app permanently – I consider immoral and parasitic.

Original Post begins.

MacUpdate have listed our Intelligent Assistance Apps without our permission. Their listings have significant errors and we’d rather they not be listed because:

a) as a developer you have to jump through hoops (with a broken system) to “claim” your apps

b) as a developer you are responsible for correcting all the errors made by the MacUpdate team, creating an addition burden on the developer (me) and it causes confusion among potential customers which damages our reputation. (When MacUpdate list a commercial app as a “demo” people are upset when it is not a demo version.)

c) There appears to be no way to remove the listing, even when you jump through all the hoops MacUpdate request.




Learn about FCP X and 4K in Culver City (LA)

I think of 4K more as shortcut for “high end production workflows” (which may be in 4K or not) rather than a literal 4K push, although there’s no doubt 4K will become normal in some workflows, so I’m more than happy to get involved with Larry Jordan’s 4K FCP X seminar on January 14, and supporting for their Final Cut Pro X and 4K presentations this Saturday January 25th in Culver City, LA.

I’ll be demonstrating our apps, Lumberjack and answering FCP X questions. You can find the information for free registration at

I had time to do some export testing from Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X 10.1. Definite proof that second GPU is being used, and worth it!


Today I performed the same test using Premiere Pro CC as I did with Final Cut Pro X a few days ago. In the process I learnt a few things.


As is usual at this time of the year, Greg tallied up our software releases for the year. Well, more accurately his software releases, as I do not write the software. Surprisingly, we’re still updating software for Final Cut Pro 7.


I decided to take a video of the Mac Pro’s amazing performance with native Red R3D 4K files. Watch five streams, with composite modes, scale, rotation and more play without rendering.


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