Lunch with Gordon Burkell – Art of the Guillotine

Our next lunch is with Gordon Burkell, founder of Art of the Guillotine. is a site where post professionals a film professionals can share and discuss content that they find from around the web that is post production related, with other post professionals.

Gordon key image for openingGordon has worked in the film industry and as a film editor for 10 years. He started Art of the Guillotine to help build a community for editors and to create a vehicle to help editors and film academics share their knowledge and expertise to improve the art form. He currently lives in Toronto, Canada where he edits and teaches film editing at Ryerson University.

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Lunch with Cirina Catania

Cirina Catania is Writer, Director, Journalist and former marketing executive with a long history of success in both the major studio and independent film environment. She is one of the co-founders and former director of the Sundance Film Festival. Her popular tech podcast, “The Digital Production BuZZ,” with host Larry Jordan and Michael Horton, airs every Thursday at and is heard in 156 countries in the world. Cirina writes for on gadgets, software, tech business and the latest films. She is a futurist and a digital distribution specialist.

Her full bio is available and you can also check out her IMDB credits

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Lunch with Alex Gollner

The latest episode of Lunch with Philip and Greg  features Alex Gollner who was in the USA for the Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit and subsequently we caught up with him in LA.

Alex Gollner has been in visual arts for over twenty years, starting as a graphic designer.

In October 2008 he discovered a fault in one of Final Cut Pro 6’s video effects and found a way to fix the text bug. He uploaded a fixed version of the effect to his blog. This was the first of many free Final Cut Pro add-ons he donated to the editing community since then.

In June 2011 he turned his attention to Final Cut Pro X. Since then Alex has made over 60 Alex4D Final Cut Pro X plugins available for free on his old blog and his Alex4D website.

He works as a freelance editor in London, England on projects ranging from dramatic shorts to films for corporations and charities.

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