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When preparing for this week’s Digital Production BuZZ  (March 21) Larry Jordan emailed a little ahead of the interview on Funding Television production. Larry wanted to expand the subject to funding films, but I argued that I wanted to keep the attention on Television, because I believe that Television is greater than Movies.


An interesting article at the Hollywood Reporter argues that the Television industry needs a Steve Jobs – like visionary and needs it soon. While Television has been adapting (slowly) to the changes in viewer behavior it’s not particularly “customer friendly”.


Production is a business but it seems that we only “allow” financing by the distribution channel. I wonder why other forms of capital investment aren’t being used. Well, one example is the recent purchase by Content Partners of a 50% interest in the CSI franchise.


Terry interviews Philip about Lumberjack, previewed at the HPA Retreat Demo Room in late February.

The product page includes a workflow diagram.

Over at The Mac Observer, John Martellaro writes what I’ve been wanting to say for a long time: almost everything written about Apple by “analysts” is either completely worthless because they know nothing; or is being written to manipulate the stock price.

Apple is not like other companies, which is why analysts et al get it wrong 90% of the time when they’re writing about Apple.



House of Cards: Big Data’s success.

Netflix was always confident that House of Cards would be a success – as it’s proving to be – because they relied on big data analysis to know the potential before spending the money.


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