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San Francisco firm to buy Grass Valley Group

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Interesting move to buy Grass Valley out from French-owned Technicolor (Thompson). I didn’t realize there were so many parts to Grass Valley.

The binding offer from Francisco Partners is for 100 percent ownership of the current Grass Valley Broadcast & Professional business, which would operate as “Grass Valley” going forward. This includes the camera, content repurposing, editing, master control, modular, news production, production automation, routing, servers, storage, and switching product lines including their entire product portfolios, the R&D centers and factories around the world, the Sales & Systems activities and Customer Support organization worldwide, as well as the management and administrative support functions dedicated to the business. This business perimeter and associated product lines for which the offer was made by Francisco Partners represent the core of what the market historically knows as Grass Valley products.

Yes Men Make $11,000 on First Weekend of P2P Release

By asking for donations while distributing the film The Yes Men Fix The World the Yes Men are bringing in “about $500 an hour” now.

For the Yes Men, that tipping point could actually come sooner than later. The duo has already said that it will definitely publish its next movie on file-sharing sites again to give back to people who finance its production with their donations. But Bonanno said that they could also change their mind on other distribution methods, like theatrical releases or TV deals, depending on how much money the current donation campaign will bring in.

Just shows that there are many different ways to distribute and fund a movie.

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