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Is HTML 5 worth your time?

Is HTML 5 worth your time? – HTML5+CSS+Javascript = yes but Flash has headstart on development environments.

HTML5 itself and Flash are vastly different. They have different things that they’re trying to do. But the HTML5 plus CSS plus JavaScript package is more. I think that’s an easier comparison to make to Flash because Flash is supposed to be this total environment. You can put things on the screen and you can script it and you can define interaction. And HTML5-CSS-JavaScript lets you do that as well.

We got to the point a couple of years ago where the HTML-CSS-JavaScript stack can technically do just about anything that the Flash environment makes possible. It’s just a lot harder at the moment to do that in HTML5-CSS-JavaScript because Flash has about a decade’s head start on authoring environments.

Publisher Experiments With ‘Free’ And Sees Book Sales Increase 20x Obscurity is a bigger problem than ‘piracy’.

Much of the talk by the big 6 publishers has been stress over cannibalization of print sales, or the idea of replacement sales, by ebooks. For midlist publishers such as ourselves, I believe we fight against substitution. We capture the “browser” market. If our title is not available or visible, a customer will simply substitute for another one in the genre. Free gave us the visibility that we could not purchase.



Television’s Next Business Model

Television’s Next Business Model? “maybe we should begin to look at each TV show as a stand-alone “Web property.””

I like the idea of TV shows as “web properties” that wrap up a community around a show rather than attempt to force the community around a channel. Channels are dead – I don’t even know what networks the shows I watch are broadcast on and I don’t care.



What exactly is Piracy?

What exactly is Piracy? Technical copyright breaches that aren’t morally wrong.

Of course there is no such thing as “piracy” or “theft” – it’s a civil dispute over unauthorized distribution. The referenced post asks where the lines are reasonably drawn. It’s not as clear as some would want you to believe.



Darpa wants storytelling camera!

Darpa wants storytelling cameras! Recognize objects and tell stories.

This is exactly the type of automatic metadata acquisition that is really going to radically change pre-post: what happens before we get to the editor to finish and put the heart and soul into the edit. How soon can we get it to our First Cuts?

The idea is to create machines that are endowed with what remains an exclusively human ability: visual intelligence.


Darpa wants cameras that can capture their surroundings, and then employ robust intellect and imagination to “reason over these learned interpretations.”




15 Lessons Old Media Must Learn

15 Lessons Old Media Must Learn from SxSW An eclectic collection.

Second time today I’ve read about how gaming/games will be part of the future of work and play.

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