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When Will Apple Cave And Accept Flash?

To answer the question: probably never. What the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch have shown, 160 million users don’t seem to be having a problem in a Flash-free world.


As expected, AV Foundation from iOS 4 will be added to Lion. My take is that signals the end of QuickTime as we’ve known it. But it’s not only that there’s a new Framework for working with time-based audiovisual media – there’s a lot more to QuickTime than that, and it’s all the interactive and additional technologies in QuickTime that don’t appear to have a future. Features that were important when QuickTime MOVs were the preferred (at Apple) distribution format.


How TED Learned That ‘Giving It (their talks) Away’ Increased Both Popularity And Revenue


Piracy Once Again Fails To Get In Way Of Record Box Office

It seems strange to me that the various movie company players continually bleet how piracy is killing their industry and yet – even without changing business models – they still have record year after record year. Something just doesn’t add up.


Larry Jordan answers questions from a fan about the new Final Cut Pro.

Greg was bored last night while I was at Alpha Dog’s Editors’ Lounge and started exploring Xtranormal and came up with this.

This must have been what it was like for Larry Jordan at LAFCPUG Wednesday night!

Note, that all you need to do to create these is type in the words.

After 6 years and 724 posts gets an updated theme, thanks to Greg Clarke.

More information on the home page and you can slide out the information on the right for a cleaner reading experience.

Master Metadata for Post-Production – 2 Mar 2011, 11:00 AM EST #webinar

It’s repeated during the day.


With the advent of high quality acquisition tools for relatively little money, is there really a role for the highest quality production outside of niches?

Terry and I have different understandings and it makes for an interesting show.



A new 64 bit Final Cut Pro?

By now you will have heard of, or read, either the Final Cut Pro rumor at Techcrunch, or over at Larry Jordan’s Blog. Techcruch generally has good information, and I seriously doubt that Larry’s post would have been done without a specific OK from Apple – that’s just his style. Both say in one way or another:

“The biggest overhaul to Final Cut Pro since the original version was created over 10 years ago”

“Dramatic and Ambitious”

“a jaw dropper”




Attack of the Minis

Attack of the Minis

Light Peak is an interesting technology and one I want to see sooner rather than later. Essentially it’s one connector for all purposes: peripherals (storage, i/o), networking (short distances in first release, longer later) and a replacement for the connectors we use now (which will largely work with adapters. The only protocol that may not run over Light Peak is USB 3, but USB 1 & 2; FireWire 400/800, eSATA, SAS ethernet and Fibre Channel could all be replaced with a single Light Peak connection at 10 Gbits/sec.


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