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Nice To See How Content Creators Have More Power Over Middlemen

One of the primary pieces of advice from Distribution U’s Peter Broderick an Scott Kirsner is that independents should never assign all their rights to one distributor who then controls their fate. This requires a custom distribution strategy tailored to each project, but ultimately with the filmmaker having a lot more control.


If You’re Still Betting On Adobe Flash For Anything Mobile, The Joke’s On You

Flash on the desktop has become bearable thanks to hardware acceleration, but no matter what Adobe says publicly, they have not been able to deliver a version of Flash on any mobile device that has acceptable performance and battery life. (more…)

Online Consumption of Pro Video Up 47% in 2010


“The essence of being human involves asking questions, not answering them”

It’s the final  end quote from on Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Assistance (unrelated to my company) that comes out of a NYT writeup of IBM’s Jeopardy playing Watson.


Scott Simmons is running a “28 days of Quicktips 2011” series over at Pro Video Coalition and on day 2, in parallel with the release of the Manifesto titling plug-in for Final Cut Pro, he points out that Manifesto has built-in spell check, the only FCP titling option that does.

What probably isn’t immediately obvious to the average user of these tools, is that the programmers at Noise Industries had to do zero extra programing to get spell check in a title plug-in. It’s part of the package that comes when you call (in your application or plug-in) the appropriate Cocoa framework – NSTextView for those few who care!


Letter 2 Broadcast Dinosaurs Bent on Self-Destruction


Episode 19: Starting over in a “Green field” revisited. New episode of The Terence and Philip Show: a clean start.


MPEG-LA starts patent move on VP8

One of the things that has worried me about VP8/WebM is that Google has refused to indemnify users from patent issues. To me that’s a huge worry, and now MPEG-LA has started the process of establishing whether or not VP8 does (or does not) infringe any of its members’ patents.


Flash (Finally) Cuts CPU Usage With Hardware Acceleration

At (long) last Adobe have released CPU acceleration across all platforms, including Mac and Linux.


Subscriptions: The Secret to a Sustainable Web Series?


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