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Episode 46 of The Terence and Philip Show: Resolution – how much is enough and will we adapt to higher frame rates.

Terence Curren and Philip Hodgetts discuss the importance, and relevance of resolution and frame rates. How much is too real? How will higher frame rates be distributed in the home market?

And yes, another 3D rant!

Version 1.0.10 has just been released – thanks to the folks at the Mac App Store for granting an expedited review process! The main feature is that it fixes the offline media bug from version 1.0.9, but here’s the full list (including the fixes from 1.0.9):

• Bug fix for incorrectly seeing media files as offline
• Bug fix for multiple keyword collections created for keywords containing a comma (bin names containing a comma are replaced with a semicolon)
• Bug fixes for XML exported from Premiere Pro
• Bug fix for multiclips containing Motion projects
• Bug fixes for certain multiclip structures
• Bug fix for XML exported from REDCINE-X PRO
• Bug fix for media file paths with “illegal” characters

Today I spent on board @RaSolarOdyssey. She’s a beautiful vessel and a near-perfect first day on the water for my future home for summer. Follow the journey at The Solar Odyssey.

So, as I think I’ve mentioned, one thing we’re doing for Solar Odyssey is to find a way of entering metadata at the time of shooting, and then use time of day to match metadata and media. Metadata logging doesn’t require the accuracy that synchronizing cameras or double system audio does – for that you need Timecode.

June 14th’s shoot day was the first day I started to use it, once I got a better understanding of how it works. So during the day I logged (knowing I’d made mistakes along the way) the day’s shoot, using a web browser interface to the online web application that does the logging. (more…)

The Role Of ‘Perceived Value’ In Music Is Small And Fading Fast

The basic premise is that the power of “perceived value” can make charging for music a better proposition than giving it away for free, based largely on a comment from an indie artist. (Quote follows in the article) (more…)

While we released this yesterday, I’m getting a bunch of reports that online media is reporting as offline in FCP X. Please do not upgrade until we can examine the cause and (likely) put out a bug fix as 10.0.10.

The latest release of 7toX for Final Cut Pro includes:

• Bug fixes for XML exported from Premiere Pro
• Bug fix for media file paths with “illegal” characters
• Bug fix for multiclips containing Motion projects
• Bug fixes for certain multiclip structures
• Bug fix for XML exported from REDCINE-X PRO


At this time I should be well underway with Solar Odyssey but as the boat is not yet ready, I find myself shooting “the road to Ra” or how it all came together after the deadline! (more…)



Why my posts have slowed

I recognize that the frequency of posting has slowed, but when you’re in production with a constantly floating starting point it takes time. Given the delays for Solar Odyssey we’ve been shooting as if we had already started. It may become part of the show, it might be a special, or it might end up on the metaphoric cutting room floor.

Today’s video blog was shot with an NEX 7 from the passenger seat.

While this one and those previous were shot with a GoPro Hero.

We can go back to the GoPro or stick with the NEX 7 approach. Which do you think works better?

Copyright’s stakeholders don’t fit in a room and must include the public, by definition

People like the MPAA’s Chris Dodds (who only opens his mouth on the topic to lie) and now Hollywood Super agent Arri Emmanuel want to sit down in a room with “the government” and “Silicon valley” to craft a “deal” on copyright. What they consistently miss is that every one of us has a stake in this: we’re consumers and producers of material. The group formerly known as the “audience” are no longer passive consumers of whatever  the metaphoric “Hollywood” wants to hand out. (more…)

Forget about ‘content management’–and focus on ‘audience development’

Without an audience there is no monetization.  The article points to five actions:

1. Manage across the many channels of distribution.

2. Adjust the focus from audience to individual.

3. Use abundant user data to know what works.   

4. Make your systems look forward, not back.

5. Fully socialize your distribution.   

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