When Entertainment Industry Numbers are More Suited to Comedy than Analysis

When Entertainment Industry Numbers Are More Suited To Comedy Than Analysis http://t.co/Y8vLaWkY

Without further comment:

The movie folks also tell us that our economy loses over 370,000 jobs to content theft, which is quite a lot when you consider that back in ’98 the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that the motion picture and video industries were employing 270,000 people. Other data has the music industry at about 45,000 people. And so the job losses that came with the internet and all that content theft have therefore left us with negative employment in our content industries. This is just one of the many mind-blowing statistics that copyright mathematicians have to deal with every day. And some people think that string theory is tough.

It’s so easily disprovable, why bother saying it? (Answer: Because the rest of the media repeats what they say with no critical thinking at all.)

Glenn Beck Says Walking Away Fox Will Get Him $40 M a Year

Glenn Beck Says Walking Away From Fox Will Get Him $40 Million A Year http://t.co/qmonMcw3

Although the audience is much smaller – 300,000 subscribers vs 2.5 million viewers on Fox – the revenue is dramatically larger.  I think this, along with the recent Louis CK experience, supports the theme that direct connection with an audience and giving them something to pay for they want (in this case access to Beck) is a viable option for future funding of production.

Personally, I loath Beck and what he stands for, but I support his First Amendment Right to be a what he is.

GBTV, which jumped on the scene in September, is expected to bring in at least $40 million in revenue this year, supported by advertising and more than 300,000 subscribers paying as much as $9.95 a month for full access to GBTV, according to a person close to the company.

Rumblefish’s Friendly Music – 750K licensed songs

Rumblefish’s Friendly Music relaunches with 750k licensed songs http://t.co/Eh05ehpr $1.99 per track for YouTube videos. All licensed, apparently only for YouTube, though.

One tool Friendly Music has added is a MoodMap, which lets users search for a soundtrack based on the feeling of the video they’ve created. By clicking within a rainbow-like circle, they can find songs that match a certain mood, which refines things a bit. There’s also a “What’s the Occasion” tab for finding soundtracks relevant to certain holidays and occasions. And finally, Friendly Music has an editorially curated Editor’s Picks, with songs focusing specifically on current events, pop culture or upcoming holidays.

Would be nice to get this level of simplicity (and cost) in licensing music for other applications. Until then, there’s Smartsound!

Update: On Twitter Chad Haberstroh @haberchad pointed out that jewelbeat.com has 35,000 tracks licensed for commercial use for 99c each.