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Pirate Bay Documentary Raises $51K on Kickstarter

While certainly not a huge budget by mainstream media measures, $51K for a documentary on The Pirate Bay isn’t bad seed money to get a show started, or even complete if it’s a lean production. That it was funded from “fan funding” via Kickstarter makes me wonder if fan-funding isn’t a viable method for the future. Kind of “pay in advance” for the content so that it actually gets made.

If this were a TV series maybe people could subscribe to the future shows in order to get them made?

The Pirate Bay documentary has received full funding throughKickstarter. They received $51,434 from 1737 backers, adding up to $29 per backer. With an initial goal of $25,000 to fund a professional editing staff and studio, the filmmaker behind the campaign exceeded all expectations by 104%. Over the course of one month, 400,000 visitors from more than 170 countries checked out the campaign. Asked why a filmmaker would want to make a film about an organization that is undercutting his future ability to make money, he responded that he believes that new ways of supporting creativity will emerge.



Sencha and Adobe offer HTML5 Authoring Tools

Sencha Takes On Flash With HTML5 Animator

Adobe Shows Off Flash-to-HTML5 Conversion Tool

It’s nice to see someone working on an HTML5 authoring tool. Adobe has already previewed add-ons and beta tools for HTML5 authoring and it seems they “get” that Flash isn’t going to be dominant forever. With new stats showing about 54% of the video on the web is “HTML5 capable” that’s a sensible approach.

I’ve not tested HTmL5 Animator so I can’t comment on its relative merits to other authoring solutions. Compared with no solution or hand coding, anything is a step forward!

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