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Ed Burns talks about independent distribution

More than “the” new model, one of many new models of financing independent film. Both this post and the one I did earlier on ‘Freakanomics the Movie‘ harken back to the connection with fans and giving them some reason to buy.

What he’s done over the past few years is essentially strengthen his commitment to indies, but with a twist: instead of making films that require studio backing or extensive financing, Burns’s latest film, and the scripts he has in development, will be produced without studio interference, and instead of chasing after the promise of theatrical distribution, he will only pursue a theatrical release if the situation calls for it.  In other words, he’s the poster child for digital distribution, fully embracing a landscape where audiences can download his movies on the portable device or cable box of their choice.  And that’s where our conversation began.

The disruption of old models is normal in any industry as technology affects it. I feel confident that we will find enough new models that we’ll have a healthy film and TV industry for many years in the future. (Yes, I do believe that there will be fewer outrageously wealthy filmmakers and TV producers, but there will be many more people making a decent living, like what has been happening in music.)

Designing an icon for a new Utility App for #fcp users. @comebackshane is going to like it. #assistedediting

Once again our genius programmer Greg Clarke has created a great utility that incorporates some ideas we created for a custom software project and some that have been requested by Shane Ross.

But when the software is done, there’s the icon, website copy, help guide… There’s a lot to do that’s nothing directly to do with the software.

We’re going to release another little utility we created months ago but never got around to putting up for sale. These will be our sixth and seventh utility – Sequence Clip Reporter, Transcriptize, Matchback Magic, miniME and Sync-N-Link being the others.



The marketing of ‘Freakonomics’

The marketing of ‘Freakonomics’

Eamonn Bowles, president of Magnolia Pictures, who are the US distributors for the film says:

“The business model for independent film has collapsed, and anyone who thinks otherwise is basically borderline delusional,” … “So we try to stay open-minded about the commerce of film.”

I agree that developing a market for independent film (and future independent TV projects) is difficult so every approach that someone tries is a case study for all of us to learn what works now, and what no longer works.

How to Create Marketing That Makes You Rich and Famous

We’re all marketing all the time, whether it’s our opinions in the organization, selling our ideas to producers when we edit, or developing a marketing campaign for a film or TV project.

Amazingly, most people haven’t even got to the 1940’s era concept of “Unique Selling Proposition” and applying it to their business, so maybe they can leapfrog to an updated view.

Original Mad Man David Ogilvy called it a “big idea.” He applied it specifically to advertising—but it works for all kinds of marketing platforms, especially websites. He said:

You will never win fame and fortune unless you also invent big ideas. It takes a big idea to attract the attention of consumers and get them to buy your product. Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.

Read the article for the answers.

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