Artificial Intelligence tool analyzes Bible for Authors.

Artifician Intelligence tool analyzes Bible for authors

As well as the work done on Bible analysis, which turns out to be about 90% congruent with the work of scholars over recent centuries, it also has uses for:

Research of this kind has potential applications for law enforcement, allowing authorities to catch imposters or to match anonymous texts with possible authors by identifying linguistic tics. Because the analysis can also help identify gender and age, it might also allow advertisers to better target customers.

The new software might be used to investigate Shakespeare’s plays and settle lingering questions of authorship or co-authorship, mused Graeme Hirst, a professor of computational linguistics at the University of Toronto. Or it could be applied to modern texts: “It would be interesting to see if in more cases we can tease apart who wrote what,” Hirst said.

The algorithm might also lead to the creation of a style checker for documents prepared by multiple authors or committees, helping iron out awkward style variations and creating a uniform text, Hirst suggested.

Anything that enhances the computer’s ability to understand and interpret in human ways is interesting to me, in the context of Assisted Editing – taking the boring out of post.

The bogus ‘professional editors hate FCP X’ petition

In my email in-box this morning I received an email thanking me for supporting the online petition “Final Cut Pro X is Not a Professional Application”.

I did not sign this petition.

I do not support the goals of this petition.

Clearly this petition is bogus. Of those who’s name appears on it, how many are bogus like mine?

Apparently Petitions Online has no verification so you can just add any old names.

This is completely bogus and should be ignored.

If you want to make a difference, send feedback to Apple via the Application menu item in either Final Cut Pro 7 or Final Cut Pro X – both point to the feedback page at

If you have an Inside Sales Rep working inside Apple let them know.

And if you’re really unhappy with Final Cut Pro X, ask for a refund. Officially they don’t give them for the App Store purchases but I know many have received a refund.

Philip answers Terry’s Final Cut Pro X questions

Philip answers Terry’s Final Cut Pro X questions. Episode 30 of the Terence and Philip Show.

Maybe this should be Episode 3X!

Philip had one week’s early access to Final Cut Pro X and answers Terry’s questions in this 30th episode of The Terence and Philip Show.

Philip’s book, Conquering the metadata foundations of Final Cut Pro X is now available.

Many, many thanks to Isai Espinoza for editing the show again and making us sound smart, particularly on this show!! Thanks Isai, awesome job.

What are the Answers to the Unanswered Questions about Final Cut Pro X?

Since Apple’s Sneak Peek of Final Cut Pro X, the questions have been flying around the Internet. Well, here’s concise answers to those questions – as many as I could find, so settle in and learn what’s new and what’s not there yet.

UPDATE: Apple have released their own FAQ

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