Dirty 3D glasses? Apparently

Yet another 3D glasses issue: they’re not clean (even in plastic) http://yhoo.it/b5ZGGr No good housekeeping seal of approval!

I should also point out that most surfaces in a cinema will have similar levels of “germs” (ie bacteria and viruses if we want to be accurate) but it’s the yuk factor of having them on your face for two hours that I’d simply rather not think about!

Bottom line: There’s probably nothing to be alarmed about, but if you’re really concerned about the cleanliness of 3-D glasses, you’ll probably need to clean them yourself with a disinfectant wipe before you put them on. Failing that, there are plenty of perfectly watchable 2-D movies that require no special eyewear still making the rounds.

Locals and Tourists heat map for Flick’r uploads

Locals and Tourists heat map for Flick’r uploads http://bit.ly/9ipzzn

As well as being just darn cool and showing off what we can do when we have large amounts of data and the ability to analyze it, I really like this use of Inferred Metadata. Inferred Metadata is not explicit. In this case the inference is that people who upload photos about the target city during a limited period (a month) are tourists, particularly if they usually upload to Flick’r from another city.

There’s a lot that can be done with Inferred Metadata. Check out my article The Mundane and Magic Future of Metadata in Supermeet Magazine number 4 (it’s free).