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40% of Revision3’s shows watched on web connected TVs

40% of Revision3’s shows watched on web connected TVs Well, geek audiences will likely have geek TV setups!

While a great number for Revision3, it probably doesn’t portend too much of a trend, at least not yet. Revision3’s shows tend to appeal to tech-savvy people and they’re much more likely to have a web-connected TV. I guess our Apple TV setup would qualify as the Revision3 shows would be downloaded via iTunes on one of the Macs on the network, and then streamed to the Apple TV and then to the big screen TV.

Only thing is the Apple TV has to be hacked to make it really useful (sorry Apple but there is content not in H.264) and you need that little Apple TV Fooler Applescript to fool it all into working.

Apparently I am a geek.

If there is geodate with tweets and checkins, then cross correlating a crew list’s tweets and footage would give location metadata!

The news that Twitter was adding more location data (aka metadata) to tweets (because location is data about where the tweet came from) set me thinking. I want to be able to capture useful production metadata – like location – without any effort on the part of assistant or editor (or producer).

So I set to thinking that if we cross-correlated the Twitter and Foursquare identities with the production, we’d be able to roughly guess location from the concentration of tweet or check-in locations. Wouldn’t be GPS accurate, but possibly enough to differentiate from one setup to another? (Or at least location to location.)

Probably won’t happen for privacy reasons, but it’s fun to think about. (My kind of fun.)



A Web-a-thon to fund a web series?

A Web-a-thon to fund a web series? Anyone But Me plans to give it a go.

While the first two seasons of Anyone But Me were funded by a private investor, show creator Susan Miller said via phone today that said investor contributed to the show’s production only to give it momentum in its initial launch. “We now feel obligated to pursue [a third season] without tapping that resource,” she said. “People don’t have unlimited funds, after all.”

Knowing this going into season two, at a Strike TV panel last December Miller said that she and co-creator Tina Cesa Ward were considering a subscription model for the third season. But they’ve since changed their minds, and instead, Miller and Ward are initiating a donations program, but with a twist: On July 27-29, they’ll run a video “web-a-thon” to engage with fans and solicit their contributions.

Why not give it a try, I say. It might work!

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