Traditional computer users “stick shift drivers”

Traditional computer users “stick shifters”; iPad users “Automatic” drivers??? Interesting conceptualizing and worth the read.

The iPad experience is like driving the computing experience without the manual hassle. You don’t have to know how to install the engine to start out (install an OS), nor deal with (and worry endlessly about) the workings. In general, you just don’t need to worry about all of the abstractions any more. The notion of files. And, don’t get me started on viruses.

Do you drive a stick shift (aka Manual Transmission for much of the English speaking world that’s not American!)?

NextNew Networks evolves – changing business models.

NextNew Networks evolves – changing business models NextNew has been a leader in web video series production.

NextNew Networks is evolving from producing its own content to contracting with the producer to use their facilities and share revenue with them.

Instead of producing video on its own, NNN CEO Lance Podell said in an interview last week that the company seeks to be an incubator of web video talent, striking rev share agreements with independent creators who can leverage Next New’s studio, brand and marketing muscle to increase audience awareness. The reason for the shift is pretty simple: It takes Next New’s production costs down to nothing. And as a result, Podell believes that the company has finally landed a business model that is scalable.

Realtime Raytracing with Javascript

Realtime Raytracing with Javascript in a browser Open standards rule!

The debate over HTML5 really doesn’t do the question justice. It’s not just HTML5 and the Video Tag, it’s that plus the Canvas tag (allows all sorts of manipulations of the screen, including images and video), CSS (for styling and animation as well) and Javascript for the brains. But people keep doing really interesting things with Javascript way beyond what has been done in Flash.

The environment is mapped using cube mapping. I store all the values of the cubemap as floats. I increase the definition range by multiplying all values bigger than 0.95 with 2. This makes sure that the bright parts of the image are also very bright in the reflections. You can think of this as faking hdr. I do not calculate any lighting, it is all coming from the environment map. To make the animation look a bit more fluid and hide the aliasing I apply some fake motion blur by blending the current frame with the previous one.

Upcoming seminars in San Francisco

RT @SFCutters: June 5 Early Bird Pricing deadline for Philip Hodgetts’ “Build your Business” “Monetize your Audience”

“Build you production of post-production business in any type of economic conditions” in the morning and “Build and Monetize an audience for your independent project” in the afternoon.

Early bird pricing (save some $$$) runs until Jun 5. These are great seminars.